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Finger and Thumbs Keepsakes

Wow what a fabulous way to ensure magical memories last forever. Read on to find out more in this fabulous guest blog written by Finger and Thumbs owner Kate Hughes.

Have you ever thought about having a keepsake made but don’t know what to choose or where to start? It might be that you have a new addition to your family or even that maybe your loved ones are getting old. You could be celebrating a little ones milestone or looking for a gift. Whatever your reason it is my job to help you capture moments and memories for you and your family.

With my business Finger and Thumbs

I specialize in making high quality personalised gifts including Silver Fingerprint Jewellery, Ceramic Handprints, 3D Casts and Ceramic handprint gifts. All the keepsakes are handmade by me in my studio in Poynton.  

Finger and Thumbs not only make baby keepsakes but ones for your whole family and even keepsakes for your pets including Pawprint Jewellery and Pawprint Ceramic Imprints.  

My ranges in more detail……..

Finger and Thumber silver imprint jewelleryspecialises in high quality bespoke silver charms and pendants. Only the highest quality silver is used. I use 99.9% pure silver clay to make these beautiful silver imprint charms. 

There are 4 different options for imprint jewellery including fingerprint charms, hand print or footprint charms, and pawprint silverimprints. You can even transform your children's drawings or even a short message from a loved one in their own handwriting into a piece of silver for you to wear.

Silver charms are excellent choice for memorial jewellery as they help you keep a little of the ones you love with you wherever you go.


Our fabulous 3D Casts capture all the tiny detail in your hands and feet. The baby ranges is very popular for you to see those little hands and feet for years to come. However you can also have casts made of your whole family including any combination you like. ‘Mum and Me’, Grandchildren with the grandparents, siblings, or even wedding hands.

Ceramic imprint

Finger and Thumbs' Ceramic Imprints are a great way to remember how small your children hand prints are when they arrive in this world or to mark a milestone. A particular favourite customer choice is one with all the grandchildren which makes an extra special gift for anniversaries and Christmas.

Hand prints and footprints can be made in any colour and are glazed and fired in my studio kiln. We us a professional framer to make our fabulous frames which can be made to any size. 

Ceramic gifts

Unlike at Paint a Pot Cafe's I will help you to create these personalised handprint ceramics pieces. Painted hands and feet can be difficult to print on your own with slippy painted hands and feet when placing onto the hand and footprint mugs or another ceramic piece. 

Why not treat your nearest and dearest to personalised hand and footprint mugs or plates? These baby gifts are an affordable way to give a little gift to your loved ones. We offer great seasonal gifts including hand and footprint baubles at Christmas time.

You can choose from a wide range of colours and all pieces can be personalised with little messages, ages, names and dates. 


We don't just take prints of children when we love our fur babies just as much!!!! 

Finger and Thumbs Imprints capture all the lovely detail of the dog paws in the pet keepsakes. Pawprint jewellery with the Pawprint Charms or our ceramic pawprints are very popular.  

We can take prints of any of your pets. So if you have a cat, dog or horse or something more exotic please get in touch. 


A piece of memorial jewellery capturing your loved ones prints is a perfect way to keep them close to your heart forever.  You can capture their handprint, footprint or fingerprint in beautiful memorial keepsakes.

This service can be a perfect gift for a grieving member of your family or a friend or of course for yourself. The silver memorial jewellery range can be personalised and engraved with names, a message and dates. A lovely way to support the bereavement process and help you after the funeral.

If you would like to see examples of the different ranges or have any questions at all visit


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